Friday, March 14, 2014

Totally serious about the funny pages, I am.

A little known fact, well not so little known if you know me, is that as a young l'il artist I had dreams of being a syndicated cartoonist. I did comics for my high school paper and then daily strips for my college paper when I was a freshman and sophomore. I never really stopped drawing, and some of my stuff was really good, but the chances of "making it" required far more drive and deviation than I was willing to devote to that pursuit. I was too busy drinking and being in a band and working in a bar and chasing girls and basically acting the part of a living early '90s cliché.

All that is to say I have an enormous respect for comics (duh) and newspaper cartoonists in particular. Some of my biggest heroes—including Winsor McCay, Will Eisner , Berkley Breathed, Gary Larson, and Bill Watterson—all did their finest work, so much of it just absolutely ground breaking, in newsprint on a grueling schedule and to this day that blows my mind.

So all that is to say I look forward to seeing the documentary Stripped and see what it has to say about the history and current state of that particular corner of the art world. Because newspaper comics are an art, my friend.

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