Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The '90s never died.

Speedy Ortiz. They rock.
Seriously, I'm beginning to think the '90s are what the '50 were to the '70s and the '60s were to the early '90s. Confused? don't be.

Proof point: I'm at a show and actually know someone else here my own age to see a band whose members are half our ages. Why? Loud, indie rock guitar. Speedy Ortiz. And they are good.

But there are a lot of bands riding the Sub Pop / Matador cresting wave of sound. And they are all young. And you know what? i don't love them because I'm nostalgic, I love them because they are loud and joyous and not taking a single goddamn ironic stance on a single goddamn thing. They just want to make noise that makes your blood sing.

Sometimes these bands veer towards the inscrutable, but often that's because they are trying to find their way, not because they are purposely trying to lose you as they hide in a corner that allows them not to make a statement.

It's refreshing.

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