Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Gray days part three? No! Time to take a stand!

Enough wallowing.
Enough griping.
Enough upset.

Today I shake off the malaise and return to form. It's one thing to hit a dark spot and a whole 'nother thing to start to let yourself just endlessly sink into its inky depths. Yes, it's been a tough season and yes there have been a couple bummer events and speed-bumps to happiness and productivity thrown my way recently but fuck it, man, it's time to just get over it.

Sometimes you just need to figuratively dunk your head / brain / emotions into an ice cold bucket of realization to remember just how good, and much of it is just so good, everything around me is.

I've returned to my old routine of getting up super early and doing a quick round of exercises just to wake me up and shake off the sluggishness. Time to take that get-up and go an apply it more deeply, to my core.

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