Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Worlds Collide: Black Rebel Motorcycle Call.

I was a big fan of The Call in high school and over a decade later fell for another band, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club without realizing the two were connected. You see, The Call's frontman Michael Been turned out to be BRMC singer Robert Levon Been's dad! The elder Been passed away in 2010 while working backstage for his son's band, a job he had taken up after disbanding The Call. I know, it's sad but I like that father and son were working together up to the end.

Robert joined the remaining members of The Call for a one-off show and they recorded it to release as a live album later this year on September 2. I've been listening to it today and am struck at just how similar the son's voice when compared to the father's, leading to a slightly chilling (in a thrilling, positive way) aural resurrection of Michael Been fronting the band he created for one last time. I also like to think it brought things full circle for Robert as well, combining his own musical legacy with his dad's. You can stream "I Still Believe" from that show below as a taste of what to expect from the album as a whole.

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