Monday, August 18, 2014

Look's like you're finally going to get to hear Tom Schraeder's 'Gush!' and it's about time!

Photo and design by Isidro Hurtado, image courtesy Tom Schraeder.
Last February my friend, and rather talented musician, Tom Schareder sent me an album he'd just completed. I listened to it and was blown away. It was a fully realized work of art and, to my ears, a stunning accomplishment. I shared my thoughts on the album with Tom and then waited for him to announce it's realize.

And waited.

And waited.

I would play the album for friends and they would all immediately want to know how to get a copy. "It should be out soon," I'd say. "It's been done for quite a while."

And then I waited some more.

Finally I asked Tom what the hold up was and he admitted he'd pretty much decided he wasn't going to release the album, but that my enthusiasm (I presume partly) influenced his decision to move forward, master and release Gush!. And in true Tom fashion even that took a while. The man will perform spontaneously anywhere at any time but his track history of releasing stuff quickly isn't the greatest. Nut whatever! Gush! is finally coming!

You can hear a taste of what so excited me below, and if you like it the please pre-order the album (email Tom at hisegoinfo [at] gmail [dot] com to receive a download September 1) or buy tickets to his show at the Hideout coming up Friday and receive a download that day.

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