Thursday, August 14, 2014

My growing shoe collection. My growth into becoming a sophisticate.

My first, true love.
For years I've basically worn a single type of shoe: Doc Martens boots model 8699 Bex Sole.* Technically I guess you could say I wore two types of shoes since I have always had a pair of sneakers for the gym, but I always wear those until they're falling apart and they rarely saw any action outside the four walls at the center of my workout universe.

And now, rather unexpectedly, I find I am virtually swimming in shoes! For my birthday Mich bought me a pair of Converse low-top sneakers to wear out and about. What? No boots?! I wasn't sure how I'd like it, and upon first putting them on I was trying to figure out what that weird feeling was under my foot. Oh! It was the ground! I hadn't felt that through the soles of my boots, ever! However, after my initial shock, I found I actually enjoyed working my new Chuck Taylors into the occasional appearance in the outside world. And wherever I went minds were blown. "Tank!" people would say, "Where are your boots?! What has happened to you?"

I was suddenly a man with choices when it came to dressing up my feet.

A few weeks ago some PR folks at TOMS reached out and asked if I'd like a pair of their shoes. No strings attached. Heck, why not? So I said yes and a few short days later my shoe collection had swollen to the massive number of three as a pair of Black Canvas Men's Paseo Mids showed up in the mail.

I love my boots, but this has actually opened up a whole new world to me. I might even buy another pair of running shoes to wear outside the gym. How crazy is that?!

Gotta admit, these TOMS are pretty spiffy.
Of course this new life of mine has experienced a few growing pains. First, as I mentioned with the Chucks—and discovered to also be true with the TOMS—when you wear shoes that are not boots you feel everything on the ground. I began to feel like I was walking around barefoot. It wasn't unpleasant, it just took some getting used to. And I've also noticed the traction on the TOMS aren't so awesome and occasionally have to catch myself from sliding into a split as I hurry along a train platform or attempt to bound up some stairs. Overall though my new kicks are pretty comfy and my feet—while they too still love the protection and sturdy confidence of my Docs—have grown to enjoy lounging around in the new choices of footwear they find themselves ensconced in every couple of days.

Who knows what will happen next? Will I suddenly start wearing a style of shirt that doesn't begin n the letter "t"? Will I begin matching my socks to my belt (which would necessitate me wearing more than one color belt)? The possibilities are endless!

*God help me if they ever discontinue this style.** Growing shoe collection or not I would be fucked.

**By just saying this I think I jinxed myself since I can no longer find the style on the Doc Martens site***. Nooooooooo! :(

***You HAVE to be kidding me. I sent them an email asking why I couldn't find the boots on the Doc Martens site and do you know what? They actually are now discontinued. Fuck.

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