Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Apple eats it.

Man, is Apple stumbling and fumbling right now or what? iOS 8.0.1 is an unmitigated disaster—disabling iPhone 6 and 6 Plus key features—and makes you wonder if the company even has a QA department or if they just figure if they fuck up they've got everyone under their thumb already so people will just have to deal.

Less of a big deal in my eye is "bendgate," the tendency for iPhone 6 Pluses to get warped in peoples pockets when they sit down. Look folks, everyone clamored for an iPhone phablet and now you have it. And you're learning phablets are idiotic. I will not be buying an iPhone 6 Plus. I want a phone that's a convenient multimedia platform, not a tablet that's a somewhat convenient multimedia platform that almost but not quite fits in my pocket. Do we really need another form factor between laptop , tablet and phone? No. But people are stupid and will buy the bigger is better notion until they realize that items are designed for particular uses and while it's terrific to push those boundaries in the end things are the size they are for a purpose. Change the purpose and you change the size and design. Bt then you're left with a completely different item.

And Apple's maps still totally suck. How do you fuck that one up? Especially when they hooked everyone on the superior Google Maps in the first place?

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