Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Two years ago a hole opened up in my life and never quite closed back up.

This was one of the first times two of my favorite girls in the world met.
Betty the Beagle ran off to that playground in the sky two years ago today. She had a long, good life and her little body just couldn't keep it up. I still miss her. I've had folks ask me why I don't get another dog, but I just can't. I don't want to. In fact, way back when, Betty found me. A random stop to play with some animals at the Anti-Cruelty Society turned into a day long affair ending with my adoption of a beagle that would, truly, go on to be more famous than "most of the musicians slogging through the local scene." She chose me far more than I chose her, and there will never be another dog like Betty, so I can never replace her. Will there be room in my life for another dog in the future? We'll see. We'll see if I'm lucky enough to get chosen again.

I miss her every day, still.

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