Thursday, February 12, 2015

SHOCKER! Dave Grohl finally does something uncool.

This saddens me.
I love Dave Grohl to death. the guy is leading the greatest life and seems like an honestly solid guy. Othet than a few middling Foo Fighters mid-career albums, he's even been on top of his musical game for pretty much his entire life. I thought Grohl was so cool that he could make even the uncool cool.

Until today.

I've just learned Dave Grohl has accepted a position as the official ambassador of this year's Record Store Day, a faux holiday cash grab primarily benefitting major labels and established stars by supposedly supporting record stores but instead making cynical moves to both gain indie cred and charge 3X as much for the re-release of many middling albums of vinyl.

Say it ain't so, Grohl!

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