Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mountain song (no, not that one).

Sam Cohen's pretty happy his album is finally out.
Sam Cohen's Cool It came out recently. I listened to it a while ago and then sort of filed it away. Parts of it are a little too dreamy for my personal taste—and by dreamy I mean sleepy—but the parts that do work for me work really well. When Cohen's on his game his songs are sharp and glammy and just the sort of thing I dig. "Let The Mountain Come to you falls firmly in that category of "works for me."

Cohen was also previously in Yellowbirds, which was basically a solo project anyway, so it's not surprising his debut carries a great number of sonic similarities as that band. So if you're a fan of Yellowbird, glam rock, or dreamy pop,  then there's most likely quite a few things for you to dig on Cool It.

Now, onto that track that tickles my own solar plexus.

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