Monday, June 08, 2015

Smooth re-entry.

Just before I left today a colleague asked me how re-entry had gone into the 9-to-5 that day after two weeks off. I replied, “Only slightly bumpy,” but that was more for comedic effect and not really a true statement.

In fact re-entry went incredibly smoothly! Like, INCREDIBLY smoothly!

This is a testament to the teams I work with, who operate so well as a supportive unit that I didn’t come back to a backlog of work that would take days to clear. instead I walked in the door and picked things up seamlessly at the point to which they had progressed in my absence. This is quite possibly the first time in my professional life that happened across the board on every project. Wow.

I am so appreciative and honestly humbled that I work with folks that are so, so freaking good at what they do and getting done what needs to be done while still making sure everyone else is supported as well.

O.K., I'm done being sappy for now.

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