Monday, June 22, 2015

That was one helluva party!

A couple bullets, primarily to myself, about our wedding party last Saturday at The Hideout.

  • I’m touched by how many people came, and how much fun they opened up to have—especially since there were incredibly disparate groups of people who have been friends through various eras in both my and Michelle’s lives.
  • Keep’s Kermit the Frog “Rainbow Connection” with Pete on guitar, and the spontaneous sing-along segments that happened almost made me cry, I was so filled with emotion and the happy.
  • Not one morsel of Lille’s Q BBQ survived the night. I had hoped for leftovers but should have known that was never going to happen. I hear folks went back for seconds and thirds and how could they not? Also, the ten-year-old bottle of bourbon they gifted me with? Yet another reason to love that joint.
  • Maria, the matron of Honor, can spit some solid rhymes and her rap about Mich (with a hilarious nod to me) was a lot of fun.
  • Oh my god the staff of The Hideout was amazing. Every single person. It is literally impossible for me to sufficiently display my gratitude for their participation in the evening through writing so let’s just leave it at that. What an amazing, gracious bunch of folks.
  • I should’ve invited Andrew WK. 
  • I love that Mich and my families get along so well, and I love being part of a new family I love so much. And to all the support offered by those families over the last few weeks? I can’t say thank you enough times.
  • I should’ve invited The Coldplay Turtle.
  • Rudy's performance, just him and his guitar, was another stunner of the evening. And he also performed the best version of "Sea Of Love" I have ever heard.
  • Of course I ended up in the DJ booth by the end of the night.
  • My only regret is that I don’t feel like I spent enough time with anyone. The second I’d start one conversation I’d get pulled into another, or summoned to take care of something, or run to greet someone new, or … or all the things I was warned would happen at your wedding reception and I foolish thought I could conquer. Hopefully one thing that will happen is I’ll be able to follow up and spend more time with friends I reconnected with and haven’t spent as mush time with as I should in recent years.
  • I reserve the right to add to this list as more pops into my head. Because much of the evening was an overwhelming, emotional blur. 

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