Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Wherein our hero learns shocking news on just what kind of stress he's been putting his heart through.

The above image show what 10 days of not smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages will do for your resting heart rate. TEN DAYS. ONLY TEN DAYS!

I found this frankly shocking despite knowing deep down just how bad those two particular habits are for one’s health. But that’s always sort of an abstract thought, isn’t it? Yu never think of either of those being particularly taxing on your heart, right? You immediately think lungs or liver and localize the damage you’re doing to yourself. 

But to see how quickly the body is willing to right itself is nothing short of amazing.

I should have known this. I’ve spent plenty of night’s lying on the couch, watching TV, and trying to will my heart to cease trying to thump through my ribcage,out of my chest and leap across the room. But I thought that was just part of getting old. Well, it appears that presumption was certainly not accurate!

Yeah, I think these are gonna have to go.
Of course this leads me to start rethinking those bad habits. Abstinence is certainly one possible route, but let’s be honest and admit that certainly seems less than fun. But then again, dying early or prematurely taxing my heart beyond its limits also seems less than fun.

So, moderation it is.

On the drinking side I think this will be easier. Both slowing my pace when imbibing and skipping the minibar (or actual bar) at social occasions more often will take care of that. The smoking will be tougher, so I may need your help with that. So to that end I have a question for my friends—especially ex-smokers—currently vaping or e-cigging:

Where can I go in Chicago—preferable Wicker Park, Bucktown, or Logan Square—that the staff will help set me up with the right gear for my tastes? I’e smoked Marlboro Lights for decades and wonder if there’s a suitable substitute out there for those. And if you currently vape / e-cig do you have your own recommendations on what most closely approximates the smoking experience?

Help me out, friends. My heart (and lungs and everything else) will thank you.


Anonymous said...

I recommend Level Vape, just east of North & Wood. The owner (Larry) is cool and very helpful. Go in, tell him your smoking history and your budget, and he'll get you set up with gear that works. Yes, they do have some tobaccoish-flavored stuff that will help wean you off cigarettes for good.

Good luck, brother.

Kurtis Taco

Tankboy said...

Thanks Kurtis!

Blogger said...

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