Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pop pick-me-up.

Fort Lean has a bit of a Brit-pop sound mixed with NYC downtown fashion rock. Does that make sense? A bit of a Killers delivery too. Their debut, Quiet Day, came across my desk in April and I'd been sort of sitting on it, not really sure if there was anything I could say about it that would feel fresh and new. And now that months have passed I realize that, aside from the opening sentences, I don't, really.

But while I have nothing really novel to drop about the band, they're definitely worth your attention. And if you haven't enough time to listen to the whole LP, then the two tracks below are certainly the most essential. But I suspect that once you listen to them, you'll find time for the other ten when the album comes out in October.

*Yeah, I got it in April because it was originally going to be released in June ... so I have no idea what happened there. Just stop reading this footnote and listen to the music already!

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