Tuesday, September 22, 2015

More unreleased Triple Fast Action stuff? Yes, please!

Triplefastaction's original promo shot—how very '90s! Photo by Gene Ambo
Triple Fast Action (or as I always typed it, Triplefastaction) was one of my favorite Chicago bands. I was just getting into the scene and my girlfriend at the time knew of few of the guys. I of course was immediately suspicious. These were guys in a band so they must be after my girl! I hoped they were terrible. And then I heard them on a compilation she helped to put together, and that song, “New Goo,” wasn’t amazing, but it was enough to prove to me they weren’t going to be terrible.

They put out a single for “Revved Up” and it kicked ass. And then their debut album came out and while there were indulgent moments—more indulgent than I had expected after seeing them live—it to kicked ass. And then a second album came out and it was better than the first, even if they had jumped ship from a Major Label to an Indie, I still viewed it as a huge step forward.

So of course they broke up. And Wes Kidd (guitar/lead vocals), Brian St. Clair (drums), Kevin Tihista (bass/vocals), and Ronnie Schneider (guitar/vocals) went their separate ways.

Over the years I’ve hoped they’d regroup, but it appears the epic show they played at The Metro on May 24, 1998 was truly their last (a show I still have fuzzy memories off due to too many bears, but the sight of every touring guitarist they ever had joining them onstage for "Superstar" is forever etched in my brain).

In the early aughts I emailed their Wes since I’d heard he was burning CDs of their unreleased recordings an b-sides, so he graciously emailed me one, and that was the last time I thought I’d hear anything “new’ from the band.

Well, stumbling around the inter webs today I realized the band, or someone affiliated with the band, has a Soundcloud account and has been not only posting tracks off that CD Wes sent me, but they’ve also been posting stuff I’d never heard before! This is very exciting, even if it is all really old stuff from 1994 and earlier. But who cares, to me it’s new Triplefastaction!

I’ve collected the tracks that weren’t on that CD Wes sent out below, but I recommend going to the full page for more goodies, including album tracks.

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