Wednesday, October 21, 2015

'Back To The Future' Day is finally here!

To say that Mich loves Back To The Future would be the most extreme definition of an understatement. She's been waiting for this day—the day Marty and Doc Brown actually land in the future—for what feels like forever. I wish I could throw her a party and give her a day off work and turn this into her own personal national holiday so she could just wallow in all things Back ToThe Future and enjoy this moment.

After today Back To The Future will no longer be something in the future, it'll only be in the past, so she should get everything out of this day that she can.

Of course now there's the very important question of which timeline are we in? It's 2015 and the Cubs could actually make it to the world series, while at the same time a blonde hotel magnate with a bad combover is rising in power. Mich investigated the question in great detail, so read all about it.

Great Scott! I can't believe it's actually here! If you've been looking forward to it as well, I hope this day is everything you'd hoped it would be too.

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