Thursday, October 01, 2015

Dirty Ghosts skips the sophomore slump.

Photo by Liz Caruana
Finally got around to listening to the new Dirty Ghosts album this afternoon. I'm saving a slightly longer review for Chicagoist—most of my reviews there are now going to be in Quick Spins round up form so I can package a few together at a time—so look for that next week. The tl;dr of it is the band is still really good at putting together rough edged "underwater soul."*

The album is out tomorrow but you can stream the whole thing below. That should convince you to shell out a few bucks for it, right? They're on tour and I recommend catching them, since their live show is a little more Joan Jett than you'd expect.

*A term I coined when their original Biz 3 publicists sent me their original demos in '09. His reply was, "Thank you for not saying “lo-fi” -- that drives me nuts!"

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