Tuesday, October 20, 2015

How about some light psych for your Tuesday?

Tl;dr? Boogarins is Brazil's answer to Tame Impala.

A little more meat? Boogarins spins out light psych that's fit for either warm summer day or early fall evening. There's a sadness in their new album Manual (out on October 30) that tugs at the listener. An ache and longing for something different. Much of the albums feels more like a sigh of resignation, so maybe it's engine is actually that inward turn?

The band has also said that the 2014 World Cup that took place in Brazil left them feeling disillusioned since the people's sport did so little to actually uplift the lower class communities in their homeland. Considering the album is sung in Portuguese I can't really say if that's reflected in the lyrics or not, but their is a heaviness to the music that wold support that reading.

But again, these are transitory feelings. To these ears the heaviness and resignation ultimately functions more as a soothing sense of submersion that any act of depression.

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