Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Let's hear it for Hiccup!

Via the Hiccup Facebook page
Let's keep this a short and sweet and punchy as the music I'm about to tell you about.

Hiccup's debut single is grunged out power-pop heavily reminiscent of The Smoking Popes, IMHO. The Brooklyn trio escapes all the darker clich├ęs of their fair borough and claps together something sunny and sharp. The 2 songs are over too quickly—clocking in at just over 4 minutes—leaving you panting and hitting replay while you hope and wait for more singles to flow in the near future.

Listen to the single below and if you like it I think you'll find $2 is a more than fair price to hand over to the band in exchange for your ownership of said songs.*

*I definitely mean "said" not "sad" so don't go writing to tell me I made a typo.

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