Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Classic pop with The Classic Kids.

Photo via The Classic Kids Facebook page
I'm still trying to decide if my 2015 favorite albums list should be 20 or 25 entries, and already good 2016 music is piling up. Actually, it started piling up near the end of November but i've been trying to not listen to any of it until now. (I caved in a few instances, but whatever.)

The Classic Kids' debut EP Forever Strong—out later this month—already has me stoked about the new music this year. They describe themselves as retro-pop, but all that means is that they play catchy rock with a decidedly '80s influence. The guys are all in their early 20s, so I'll fogive 'em for thinking their sound is all that retro. But if they were opening for Bleachers it'd be a prefect pairing, if that gives you a better idea of what they sound like.

Actually why not just let you hear what they sound like? "Just Begun" is easily the standout track on the EP, but the other three songs are no slouches when it comes to hitting the correct pleasure centers. I'm curious to hear what a full-length from these guys would sound like. If they could keep up this quality across twelve songs that'd be impressive.

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