Monday, February 01, 2016

Seriously... with David Bowie.

Dave strikes again with an excellent find! He forwarded me this excellent BBC production that takes interviews with David Bowie and reconstructs his career from it's genesis through the '70s.It's excellent.

And the interview is only available for 30 days so after you stream it below, I highly recommend downloading it for posterity.

I'm going through a bit of a Bowie phase, obviously. Immediately after his death I couldn't listen to any of his music or interviews. It's that weird period of shock when you're simultaneously numb and afraid to expose yourself to the person you're mourning for fear it'll erupt in emotions you can't focus. It's a period of avoidance and denial. But I'm finally shifting into the phase where I submerge myself in celebration of the difference the deceased made in my life (and so many others).

Anyway, enjoy the interview.

UPDATE: Apparently you can't embed the BBC player on a U.S. website? So definitely go and download the interview now!

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