Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Drumpf? DRUMPF?!

So every "establishment" Republican candidate is pretty much out of the running. Chris Christie is standing behind Drumpf at a press conference. We've officially hit a point I honestly thought was impossible to arrive at. This is literally insane.

To My Democrat* friends, I'll say it again: both Hillary and Bernie are better choices than either of these jokers. IF you do not go out and vote for either of them in the general—NO MATTER WHO GETS THE NOM—there is now officially something wrong with you.

Also Marco Rubio just said on live TV that Trump getting the nomination will officially destroy the Republican Party. Let's allow that to happen while saving our country at the same time.

*Republican and Independent friends can play along too. I can't imagine anyone I know wants Drumpf in office.

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