Tuesday, March 08, 2016

The Roomsounds are old school in some of the best ways.

The Roomsounds
The Roomsounds' new album Elm St. is out later this month and it's like a sneak attack of a listening experience. The band has a very big Gin Blossoms meets Midwestern twang mixed with a dash of gritty bar rock and a tinge of pop. It's all affable enough. The first time I spun it I was ready to delete it after a full first listen, thinking to myself, "This is super capable, but is it really good?"

And then I realized that the band's approach is classic. The Roomsounds aren't trying to reinvent rock and/or roll by any means. Heck, they aren't nearly even as dangerous as their lyrics would suggest they think they are. But I think that's the point; they're happy playing the part of band lifers, hard partying "bad boys" with hearts of gold that respect the friends standing by them. They're playing by the rules and are more interested in writing solid songs that stick with you than actually crafting anything remotely dangerous.

In short, The Roomsounds are really good at having a really good time, and you find yourself having a really good time because of that.

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