Friday, April 08, 2016

Getting outta Dodge, er, Chicago.

See that second floor deck farther back? We’re staying in the room up there. Jealous?
A few weeks ago I planned a little weekend getaway to one of our favorite B&Bs as a surprise to Mich, and we're about to hit the road and head there this evening. It's in Michigan, so of course what I had hoped would be a nice spring and outdoorsy trip now looks to be more of a wintery snowy one, but I think we'll still manage to have fun.

Even more surprising is that I've turned into a guy who genuinely enjoys doing the B&B thing. If you'd asked me my thoughts on the same subject a couple years ago I probably would've laughed. Further proof that we should always be open to change as we get older and not remain stuck in our ways. If you can't admit you've been wrong about something then you're probably not an adult, no matter what your actual age is.

Anyway, we're off!

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