Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Getting reel real with Love.

When we were heading back from Michigan, Mich wanted to hear some "road rock." This tends to be the timeless stuff that just makes you want to drive and drive, but I admit I wasn't into a full-on nostalgia trip, so I figured I'd play her a timeless album that most people have never heard.

Love's Reel To Real was released in 1974 and then went out pf print from abut 40 years. HighMoon Records—a little label specializing in lovely re-issues—finally brought the album out again last year, and packed with a ton of bonus material.

Reel To Real is Arthur Lee's last "proper" Love album, and while none of the original members were even backing him, the sidemen he had accumulated could rock hard and delve down heavier avenues while also showing adeptness at tackling fun, soul or folk. In my option I really dig this. I respected Love's '60s work, and it displays a  lighter touch most people seem to prefer, but man, is latter-era Lee and company just slamming.

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