Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Let The By Gods pick up your week with their excellent new album!

The By Gods
I mentioned my excitement for The By Gods' new album months ago, and then completely forgot to let you know when it was released!

Well, it’s out and you can buy it and you absolutely should because it’s just as good as their debut. There’s just something so winning about their energetic take on loud indie pop that feels, well, different than most of their contemporaries.

Bassist Natalie Natalie Pauley and drummer Tye Hammonds are in lockstep to create buoyant rhythmic beds to guitars and singer George Pauley to lay big ‘ol power chords over. And George’s vocals have this raspy throatiness that makes it feel like he’s feeling what he’s saying and not just over-emoting for theatrical effect. It’s refreshing.

 So go ahead and stream their sophomore effort Get On Feelings below. And I urge you to also lay down the few bucks it’ll cot you to download the album and keep it forever and ever in your personal collection.

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