Tuesday, May 24, 2016

If you miss Superdrag you will love the new album from The Lees Of Memory!

The Lees Of Memory, photo via their Facebook page
I was listening to the latest Dig Me Out podcast while making dinner earlier, and their guest was John Davis, currently of The Lees Of Memory and previously the late and great Superdrag. It was a great interview—the Dig Me Out guys are passionate and knowledgeable so their conversation with guests often run very long without ever boring the listener—and I discovered The Lees Of Memory had a new album coming out!

Based on the podcast conversation and the snippets of songs they played throughout, it was obvious the band's sophomore effort took a very different route than the band's borderline shoegaze-pop debut. So I hopped on over to the project's Pledgemusic page, where the album is currently available for pre-sale, and immediately bought a copy so I could get access to the immediate free download of the whole thing (the CDs are still being manufactured and the vinyl is currently in production).

And it's great. I know I probably shouldn't say this, but it sounds very early Superdrag in a very good way. If been listening to it since I downloaded it a while ago.

There's only a free days left to get in on the pre-order, and I highly recommend you do so, since the extra downloads of demos and other tracks make it well worth the dough. It's such good old-fashioned power-pop goodness that it's mixed in mono!

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