Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Let Aloha take you to the Moon, Man.

Sorry, that headline is terrible. The song is "Moon Man" and the band is Aloha. the group is splintered across a couple different states, but you wouldn't know it from the cohesion in their music. Technology!

Their sound's Playful, mellow dance rock-y stuff. There is a touch of the tropical here—a nod to their name?—but in a "sunshine in the music" way, not hokey, stereotypical "island" instrumentation.

O.K., sue me over the overuse of quotes in that last sentence. Or maybe don't, since I think you'll be willing to fogive me after giving into the best track on their new album Little Windows Cut Right Through.

The band has two tour dates set so far, September 22 in Cleveland at Beachland Tavern, and September 23 at Lincoln Hall in Chicago.

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