Monday, July 25, 2016

Currently binge-watching...

Winona Ryder in Stranger Things, and no, she's not an axe murderer.
I've been trying to keep myself occupied and not going out, so I've been gorging myself on movies and television shows for the last couple months. The one I'm currently ripping through is the buzz show of the moment Stranger Things and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. There already seems to be some sort of backlash (which I swear is more based on the show's instant popularity and not it's actual quality) so ignore that if it's dissuading you from taking it in.

I can admit I'm the perfect target demo though, since the series draws it's inspiration from the '80s that formed so much of my original cinematic experiences, but again, don't let anyone tell you the show is simply driven by nostalgia.

I'm only halfway through, so I'm trying to avoid actually reading much about the show. It's so difficult to avoid spoilers nowadays, huh?

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