Monday, August 08, 2016

Cellphone free!

OK, not "cellphone free" in the good way. My phone decided to go for a swim Saturday afternoon so I've been without one since then. It's loss meant I wasn't getting any texts so my Sunday plans kind of blew up, and the first Apple Store appointment wasn't available until this evening so that's the fastest I can (hopefully) get a replacement. Believer you me, I am extremely happy I laid out extra do for AppleCare+ coverage.

But while I do feel disconnected and a little anxious, now that everyone who needs to know understands I'm not avoiding their calls or texts, it is a little liberating. I'm usually constantly checking email, socials, news feeds and all that—probably even more than the average person—so while their is a smidge of FOMO right now I think the breather is doing me good. I even had to read a book on the bus to work this morning!

It's certainly forced me into some self-reflection over the last fews days, since that's the only thing I have available to fill time that would usually be spent on my phone. And no, self-reflection is not always awesome but it's something I need to do more of. It's been a rough summer.

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