Thursday, October 06, 2016

A Giant Dog are your pop lifeguards of the day.

A Giant Dog, photo by Sean Daigle
I saw A Giant Dog a few months ago on a weeknight at The Empty Bottle. It was one of those times I didn't even make the connection that I'd listened to their new album months before, so when I went home that night jazzed about their live show* I was taken aback when I went searching for their LP only to realize I already had it!

Sometimes that first listen doesn't really make an impression, huh? However after seeing the show I was able to—fairly or not—hear the music differently and found myself enjoying the disc quite a bit more.

All of this is to say, give A Giant Dog a chance. And today is an excellent day to do so since they just released a new video!

*Once I got past the kind of over-the-top stereotypical stage antics of their singer** I was able to really get into the show.

**Don't get me wrong, I was clearly in the minority reading the performance asa bit canned; everyone else was way into it and I admit I found that crowd enthusiasm infectious.

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