Wednesday, November 30, 2016

In these times we all need good news, and the news that Hiawata is back with new music is good indeed!

One of my favorite bands is Hiawata. I know, you probably have no idea who they are, and for that I pity you. They are virtually unknown in the States, but I hold the deep belief that if only I could get more people to listen to them, their stature would swiftly grow. They traffic in excellent indie-tinged power-pop and can write hook after hook, seemingly never having to rehash ideas.

C'mon, they are can't miss when it comes to the search for all that is groovy and right in the world! So if you are unfamiliar with the group, now is the time to grow acquainted with them.

They've been pretty quiet for a while, and various members have been tending to other musical projects, so I was beginning to worry that the band might be permanently on hiatus. Not so! According to a Norwegian music news site, the band is actually readying a new album for release, Hiawata 4EVER. So you can color me pretty excited.

Here's the first sample of what to expect from the new record. I see they haven't missed a step.

Dig it? Then I highly recommend delving into their back catalog on Spotify, iTunes, etc. Do it!

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