Thursday, December 15, 2016

Whole again!

It is shocking how, once you are forced to drag an old computer out of storage, how poorly it performs. Which drives you to buy a new computer.

But then you wait forever and what feels like ever for the new one to arrive (because outside your phone you have almost zero tools to get much done online so you're stuck with more basic correspondence and not much else (which actually ends up not being all that bad since it kind of forces you to unplug from anything that isn't more essential to the things you need to do now and today)).

But then the wait is actually over!

And you sink comfortably into reorganizing years of files on a new system, swearing that this time you will keep everything nice and tidy and organized and impeccably backed up only to have the new machine erase all your iTunes playlists and you remember that nothing is perfect, not even the brand, brand new.

And life returns to normal and you are fine with that.

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