Thursday, January 19, 2017

Doing the robot, running into naked people, and Gorrilaz—my day so far.

It’s been an interesting morning.

On the way to work Mich and I broke outing did the robot while at a stop light downtown. Then I looked to my right and saw two deputies in a sheriff’s car laughing at our little dance. That was actually fun—bringing a little unexpected delight into the day.

Then a few minutes later I was coming out of a Starbucks by my office and saw a naked woman walking down the sidewalk towards me. In broad daylight. It was surreal. Before I could ask her if she was OK—I honestly couldn’t tell if this was art or if he was just out of it—other passersby started talking to her and then a squad car pulled up to handle it.

So, it’s been an interesting morning. Some laughs and some confusion. Oh, and a new Gorillaz video.

I’m deeply curious to see how the day continues to develop from here on.

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