Monday, January 09, 2017

Wanna be your vampire teenage boyfriend.

I mean obvs The Lost Boys had a huge effect on me as a kid, coming out while I was in high school and mixing vampires with ‘80s cool. I can’t even begin to tell you how badly I wanted one of those hanging earrings Kiefer Sutherland and his tribe of hot bloodsuckers sported throughout the film.* So I wasn’t surprised to see a reference to the flick pop up in one of Black Mirror’s more celebrated new episodes "San Junipero" in the form of a massive billboard advertisement (that, since it was at the very beginning, threw me off the way it was supposed to since at that moment we don’t realize we’re in a different decade yet). And that made sense since writer and show runner Charlie Booker is right around my age.

I was surprised when listening to The Courtneys’ new album, The Courtneys II, and found my foot tapping along to this driving song that was very slowly building and building into what would prove to be a satisfying crescendo. I was enjoying the ride and not really focusing on anything but the vibe when suddenly the lyrics locked into focus and triggered a strong filing of deja vu. A glance at the song title, “Lost Boys,” explained why. I’d been enjoying the album as a whole—and you’ll probably want to grab a copy when it comes out on February 17—but for some reason this connection just tickled me. Especially since I'm pretty sure no one in the band was old enough to remember (if they were even alive) when The Lost Boys first came out.** Which I think is kinda cool, for some reason.

The album as a whole is built on winning riffs delivered in a knowing, slightly lo-fi envelope. It really reminds me of what Tuscadero sounded like the period between their super early indie single and their more polished and heavier Major Label stuff. This is a perfect bullseye in that style.

And hey, what do you know, they just happen to have a video for “Lost Boys!”

*I am certain this was probably one of the tings that led to me being the first guy in his high school to get his ear pierced. It should be noted that my own piercing was not met with awe spurred by sudden cool cache but instead prompted push-linty of bullying and teasing by teenage dudes who couldn’t fathom why another teenage dude would pierce his ear. Ah, the ‘80s.

**On July 31 of this year it will be the 30th anniversary of the release of The Lost Boys. What?!

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