Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Grown up stuff.

House hunting is stressful! I am certain many of you out there that have already bought houses are heartily laughing at that statement while throwing knowing winks my way.

Mich and I have entered the exploratory stages of house hunting. We love our current place, and our current location and our current landlord but it’s also getting to be that time when we’re shining of raising kids and settling down and all the adult stuff most folks started doing when they were 15 years younger than I currently am!

There are a few things we refuse to do. We won’t enter into a bidding war. We won’t pay more than list price. We won’t move to the suburbs. And we won’t buy some place that results in mortgage payments that forceus to live on a shoestring budget for the next 30 years.

SoI think we’re setting ourselves up for success in the long run, but it doesn’t make the actual hunt any less stressful. We’ve already felt the heady rush of deciding we like a place and then realized it was already off the market, or had something else pop up that got in the way. I’m trying to keep a level head and not get too attached to any place, but of course that isn’t always easy.

So, wish us luck!

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