Friday, February 17, 2017

Not a rant, just some advice.

It's been almost a month of what I don't think anyone would argue is not a pretty chaotic period in the U.S. And i admit I am one of those people who has found it difficult to step away from the firehose of news around the current administration. But I have been trying. I'm trying to avoid the non-stop deluge and check in on the firehose less often.

First of all, if you're constantly plugged in it is impossible to be able to gain any actual context around events so you're just reacting instead of understanding. And dire as things seem, understanding and putting things into context is important if people are going to resist the more catastrophic tendencies manifesting themselves in politic right now.

I'm also thinking non-stop consumption is getting to be pretty dangerous as far avoiding a fatalistic worldview. When all you're processing is terrible, horrible news your brain will never get a chance to step away and notice just how many wonderful things are going on in the world right now. Both wonderful in the sense that people are drawing together and wonderful in the sense that life in general is just awe inspiring when you open your eyes to it.

Of course I've long been told by people that I give great advice to others, but I am not so good at following my own good advice. But in this case I'm gonna try.

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