Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Checking in.

Hey there. How are ya? How’s it going?

Oh, with me?

Pretty good. Things seem to be chugging along. I mean, I’m juggling a lot, but when has that not been the case?

And yeah, the whole politics thing, that’s been kinda hard. But Mich and I have instituted a “no 24-hour news channels at night” rule an that seems to be helping. Prior to November 8 I almost never watched FOX News or CNN, but afterward I started watching both, at different hours of the day, to try and get a handle on each channel’s biases and such. More to get an actual feel for what people on one side of the political debate or the other are mostly seeing.

To my surprise CNN is pretty even-handed in it’s news coverage, and if there’s a bias there it’s toward giving both sides of a story to a fault at times. In fact at times it almost feels like they’re going out of their way to normalize our situation because they just can’t believe it either.

FOX News also surprised me with most of their actual news reporting, since it did have a bias but wasn’t afraid to occasionally call Trump or other Republicans out for bullshit. Now, when you get to their shows that comment on the news it’s a whole different story, and it’s a story rooted in some alternate reality that is hugely concerning—especially if its driving the decisions of viewers, one of them being Trump.

But it is what it is, and I felt I had to watch it to at least try to understand it. And I do not understand it. But I had to try. And at least now I can see why a large number of voters went for Trump and the Republican Establishment. If I was them and FOX News was my main news source, I’d be terrified about the stuff supposedly happing in the country and the world as a whole too!

Anyway, thanks for asking.

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