Monday, March 06, 2017

Movie madness, made even more mad but how good they both were!

We went to see Logan on Friday and Get Out on Saturday. While it’s rare that Mich and I see one movie a week, much less two, I simply can’t remember any time both movies we saw ended up being this good!

Logan gets the character of Wolverine 100% right, finally, which isn’t surprising since it’s predecessor The Wolverine was helmed by the same writer director. And it appears that since this is Hugh hackman’s final appearance as the character they gave them a ton of creative freedom.

Believe me, the movie more than ears its R rating, but none of the violence feels gratuitous. The simple fact is the character of Wolverine has always been a pretty bloody one, even if the studio’s (and even original comics) got squeamish about showing the actual aftereffects of what would happen each time he popped those claws of his.

Oh, and Mich was crying at the end. In fact I think the strongest endorsement for seeing this movie is that it truly works as a stand-alone film that’s just damn good. Don’t like comic book movies? Afraid you’ll need to know Wolverine’s history to make sense of the film? Think it’s just a bunch of dumb action? The answers to those questions are no, nope, and no way.

An Get Out is a pretty perfect movie, period. Ostensibly a horror movie, it’s also a deep and cutting social satire. And it’s a film I think will easily fall into my personal category of “bears repeated watching on a regular basis.” I won’t say much more about it than that. O.K., I’ll say I can see this entering the syllabus for film classes in the coming years. It is that rich and rewarding; and that well technically constructed.

I can’t believe it’s a directorial debut for Jordan Peele—it’s stunning.

Indulge yourself and spend the dough to actually see both of these in the theater. I'm gald we did.

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