Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sometimes I wonder if I miss DJing.

I still organize music as if I'm DJing, though I admit that the days I moved from CDs ti tankPODs probably marked the beginning of the end for me. Sure it was way easier to travel with a ton of music, but there was something relly enjoyable about flipping through books to find just the right next song. I think it might have led to more happy accidents. But, I mean, the way we even experience music now is so different than, say, even five years ago. Things were bound to change. And kudos to my fellow DJs who actually soundtrack nights for still slogging it out.

Will I ever DJ again? Probably. Will I ever be as good a DJ as I once way (and make no mistake, my sets—when they hit—were a LOT of fun)? How could I" I'll never be the same kind of DJ because I'm not the same person?

And as people can attest, road trips or trolly rides or house parties I'm at always seem to end up featuring some kind of impromptu set ... whether it's invited or not, because I simply can't help myself.

So I guess I do miss DJing, I just don't miss doing it 3 to 7 nights a week. Now it's more like, 3 to 7 nights a year. Maybe closer to to 3 to 5.

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