Monday, April 10, 2017

Whips like it large and loud.

Whips is a Milwaukee "supergroup" featuring members of The Academy Is..., Red Knife Lottery, Space Raft, Hot Coffin, and Call Me Lightning. And yea, The Academy Is... is the only name I recognize on that list.

Whips' sophomore effort The Ride came out last Friday and it's subterranean cavern-rock vibe is really growing on me. Singer Ashley Smith has some serious pipes that get a full workout against her bandmates' caterwauling wall of sound. There's still a bit o' bop carrying through the songs, but the keywords the group seems to live by are "live, loud, and large."

Listen to the album and tell me you don't get the same vibe. It doesn't look like Whips have any Chicago dates in the near future so I may just have to roadtrip north to see how they pan out live.

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