Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Be brief. Be bright. Be gone!

While unpacking, I found my Insights Discovery blocks from a previous job—they were big on the program—and the resulting order from "Yes, this is how I best communicate!" to "This works, but isn't optimal" are surprisingly accurate.

  1. Red—Be Brief, Be Bright, Be Gone
  2. Green—Show Me You Care
  3. Yellow—Involve Me
  4. Blue—Give Me Details

I admit I found the program useful, especially when communicating with colleagues, since a glance at the blocks o their desks at least uncovered some basic truths, if not their individual nuances. Our facilitator the day we went through the program was not so great though. Maybe she needed some work on reading a room on how best to communicate?

But hey, I still have my blocks!

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