Friday, August 25, 2017

Green Day are always a blast to see live.

Who wouldn't want to front Green Day, even for a minute?! This was awesome. Photo by me.
Check out my photos and review from last night's Green Day show at Wrigley Field!

I've been thinking about something related to show reviews a lot, lately One reason I always wait until the next day to write is when you transcribe an experience immediately afterward you have no way of processing what you've seen in a meaningful way. Sure, you can spit out a take that will probably deliver most of your preconceptions going into the show, but you won't be able to actually think about what you've just seen in a really meaningful way.

That's not me throwing shade at anyone in particular—I think most reviews I read that have immediate post-show deadlines are just fine! It's more me showing gratitude that I have the freedom to give it just a little more time to sink in before I have to write my own reviews.

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