Friday, September 29, 2017

I decided not to wear a t-shirt of a band I love today because, Trump.

True story. I had this t-shirt on this morning because I freaking love White Reaper, and it's Friday, and I rarely wear t-shirts to the office anymore, so I was excited.

Then, just before I left the house, I thought about the fact it had a flag on it, and "white" was prominent on it, and someone who didn't know they are a kick-ass band might think I was supporting something completely different.*

So I took it off.

Fuck you, Trump. Fuck you for making it so I'm afraid to wear a fucking t-shirt for fear it will be misinterpreted because you have stoked the fires of hatred to run so hot right now.

*The name of their latest album is The World's Best American band, hence the stars and stripes. And they are rocking as can be, hence the faux metal lettering. It's all very tongue in cheek. But, you know, times have changed a lot since I bought it all the way back last May. Which, let's be honest, May feels like it was about twenty years ago by this point.

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