Friday, November 24, 2017

Slinky, sexy fun Swedish pop from Tove Lo, just for you.

Tove Lo
Let's brighten things up a bit today.

I'm really enjoying Tove  Lo's new album, BLUE LIPS (lady wood phase II). It's smart and edgy pop,

Her music is dirty, sexy stuff, mining that “I am the rebel of mainstream pop and dangerous!” thing. And I definitely appreciate she has so much songwriting credit through the whole album. She's not someone else's mouthpiece, or only talented because of her appearance or voice. I’ve caught her live as well, so can vouch that she’s the real deal and super entertaining even outside a studio.

You've probably already listened to or seen the video for the first single "Disco Tits," so here's one of the more mellow, slinky cuts off the album.

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