Thursday, January 04, 2018

How much new music did I listen to in December 2017? Let's find out!

I had a lot going on in December—between work, the holidays, and all that stuff—so I guess it’s not surprising I listened to so little new music last month.

I’ll include my final tally for the year when I finally get around to writing that elusive “Best Albums of 2017” list, but at least the year ended more strongly, with a couple 6s and 7s, and only two that were under a 4.

It was also, as usual, a month that had a few surprise releases that caused me to chuckle at the poor writers that are forced to publish their year-end lists in November, a practice I think is actually starting to die out. Hopefully.

As always, here’s a guide to my rating system. I’ll probably, be updating it for 2018 music.

Total number of new/upcoming releases listened to in October 2017: 17

Number of those releases that rated 7-10: 1

Number of those releases that rated 4-6: 14

Number of those releases that rated 1-3: 2

Highest rated album: Lemuria’s  Recreational Hate takes that honor. I really hope they tour in the new year!

New band I’d never heard of that caught me off guard: Hannah Diamond’s icy pop was unknown to me before her free EP unexpectedly arrived this month.

Most surprising discovery: The fact that I would personally rate Miguel’s War & Leisure above Bully’s Losing truly shocked me. And was something I didn’t even notice until I did the final tally. One nice thing about doing this spreadsheet thing as I go along is that it keeps me honest.

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