Thursday, January 25, 2018

On remaining positive.

So, I'm only a couple days into this whole trying to stay positive in my social media posts thing, and I can already tell you it really triggers a shift in thinking. When you come across a negative thought or article there is definitely an immediate impulse to share. I'm guessing it's some form of seeking validation, wanting people to align with your discontent and affirm its existence. But when you don't have that immediate release valve it forces you to actually work through the thing that's bothering you.

Which got me to thinking: are we sharing or just unloading on social media? Things have certainly changed over the last decade plus. When I helped create the first brand ambassadors for AXE and Slim Jim it was such a simpler time, and the idea of content sharing, even personal content, was primarily positive. But I fear we've entered an era, now that everyone is online all the time, that we tend to share more things that upset us than not. I mean, c'mon, we all know that to some degree. But it wasn't until I started to self-police what I myself was sharing that I realized how guilty of the negative approach I am!

So while I began this experiment as an attempt to do my little bit to detoxify other people's news feeds, it's had the unexpected effect of making me address these things in real time instead of taking the easy way out and forcing them out into the ether in an attempt to not actually acknowledge the negative elements in my life beyond their initial flashpoint.

I'm gonna keep it up.

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