Monday, February 19, 2018

A day off.

What a weird weekend. Photogal was awesome and checked in on me daily. I went to a punk rock show and got caught off guard. I got my front tooth chipped by a pitbull headbutt. I made plans to see a hilarious cover band in the suburbs. I cried a lot during the final season of Halt And Catch Fire (and if you can watch it without sobbing you have no feelings) I listened to a LOT of Sloan. My best friend tried to strangle me (but he was drunk so I'm not holding it against him). I lost my debit card on a long holiday weekend even though I wasn't drunk when it happened, which is almost worse than if I was. I made a date, like an old fashioned date. Which was super weird. I saw Black Panther twice and fell asleep both times, which isn't a judgement about the movie, but more the fact that I've just been exhausted.

I made decisions about my future.

How was your weekend?

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