Friday, February 23, 2018

Flood! Part three!

In the never ending drama that is my now wrecked basement it turns out everything has to be torn out. Due to the way the previous owners did their renovations, the bathroom is unsalvageable, the wet bar is trashed, and two feet of drywall needs to come out from every nook and cranny. My insurance should pay for the restorations but this is a pretty massive undertaking for someone to take on solo. I bought the house with a partner and intended to raise a family there. I didn't get into this to be the sole person having to manage a major disaster like this. But manage it I will. I'll get through it. But it's been a really, really rough week.

On the bright side I have a weekend full of fun activities ahead of me, so at least it'll take my mind off this (aside from finishing the last of the clean up and tossing out anything that was ruined tomorrow morning).

So that's where we stand.

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