Friday, February 09, 2018

Remember when we used to be friends with music videos?

I recently bought a Chromecast and fell into a rabbit hole of watching music videos on YouTube on a big screen. First, I was stunned that it’s been so long since a laptop has been my primary viewing port for such a thing, and how ridiculous that was. I mean, a few music channels still play a video or two between their seemingly endless streams of various festival footage, but those are usually new and not of huge interest to me. And I’ve probably already seen them on YouTube anyway.

So I went through a ton of bands I liked over the weekend, and one of the funnels was straight down into The Dandy Warhols universe, and ended up with the video for “We Used To Be Friends,” a song I had always viewed as a kiss-off but now across as more sweetly melancholic. (I also went deep into a bunch of videos and live footage from Superdrag.)

Anyway, if you too can project on a nice big screen instead of relying on your laptop, I recommend a trip down your own personal musical memory lane. It is really satisfying, if a bit sentimental.

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